why launch your SMS campaigns with us?

An SMS Campaign is a mean of business marketing that enables you to interact with your customers via text. SMS campaigns have a lot in common with email campaigns. However, an SMS campaign is even more personal than email since people use text messages mostly for communication with their friends and family. Although SMS campaigns have limitations on visuals and character count (up to 160), this marketing channel is faster and more effective so far.

How To Do SMS Campaign?

You can't send your SMS campaign simply by using your mobile phone. You first need to find an SMS marketing provider. There is a list of SMS marketing tools that could help you with this task. NUFISMS is one of the best candidates for this, especially thanks to the reports on sales per campaign..

How To Track SMS Campaign?

SMS campaign results’ tracking looks a little bit different from email campaigns due to technological limitations. In SMS campaign reporting we can’t see open rate. Instead, tools can track the number of SMSes sent, SMS’ engagement rate (a.k.a. Click rate) and sales – how many sales have been made, and the cumulative amount of money that they’ve earned..