What Is OTP SMS?

OTP, or One-Time Password, SMS is a short message containing a one-time auto-generated password that is sent to the registered mobile phone number of the user who has initiated the request. This technology is perhaps the most popular mechanism used by companies around the world to make sure that the login request has been generated by an authorized person.

Why use it

The OTP SMS "One Time Password " is known to secure online payments made by credit card, but also applications that require high protection in real time. But this strong authentication by SMS also makes it possible to secure users' private data, to secure connections to applications or to verify the identity of a new user when registering. The purpose of SMS OTP? To propose a simple and compatible means of authentication with a situation of mobility (via a simple mobile phone). It will act instead of the traditional password or in addition to it.

Who Needs OTP Verification?

SMS authentication is suitable for domains and sectors such as banking, healthcare, e-commerce. It also corresponds to countless applications (validation and certification of a mobile number, authentication of access to remote systems, access to a personal space, an e-learning portal or a portal for accessing confidential data, etc.)..