Why choose SMS alert

SMS Alert messaging behind the world's largest enterprises. With the SMS alert alert warn anyone, anytime

Sending your message is in real time

Our SMS sending services are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day wherever you are, allowing you to send instant messages to inform your recipients in real time (usually the SMS is read within 4 minutes of receipt!)..

Be assured that his message has been received!

An ultra-efficient means of communication, SMS has a read rate of about 95% (ideal for alerting your databases) and each SMS has an acknowledgement of receipt that can be consulted directly in your customer area. You thus have the possibility to quickly check that your SMS alert has been received by your recipients!.

Manage the broadcast in a few clicks!

Whatever the number of recipients of your message, setting up your free SMS alert campaign is just a few clicks away! Composition and personalization of the message, possible setting of the sender, choice of recipients, your message is ready to be sent in record time!.